Which One Makes Your Day -Tea Or Coffee

The number of people who prefer tea overcoffee is equal to the number of people the other way round. So there is an equal competition between these twoand a healthy one too. In commercial terms coffee is rated the first among the two while health benefits are more in tea. That being said, coffee is not harmful but it also comes with some very good health benefits. No research says that coffee is bad forhealth and that people should restrain from the habit of taking coffee in the morning as the first drink. In fact,medical research says that coffee is good for the heart and hence a person should take this atleast once a day in his routine. And forpeople who have a craze for this drink,it is a caution that says that they shouldreduce the number of java cups because beyond a limit it might become perilous to health and over a period of time might become harmful for the teeth only from the loose tealeaves for they come pregnant with all these and not the ones packed in bags.

Some research and studies say that coffee is bad and that it should not be consumed but people should shun this thought becauseboth these drinks, coffee,and tea are full of benefits, they have anti-oxidants to the brim and hence consuming them once a day would definitely help aperson in staying healthy. Tea and coffee businesses are slowly picking upthe pacewith this awareness about their health benefits and it is a good time for those in this business because it is a flourishingperiod for them throughout the year. Coffee and tea are not seasonal but are perennial and hence the demand for coffee or tea would never diminish and so is the business and availability of these two. Coffee is from the coffee bean fromthe coffee tree while tea is from the leaves of the tea plant. And these are amply grown and cultivated in the mountainousregions which pose the best spot for their farming. They are grown and cultivated throughout the year, in all seasons and hence there is a never a bad time for these two products.

There are different types of coffee and tea available and they differ mainly in the flavor and the aroma they promise to offer the customer. Coffee is mainly seen in the plantation areas of South America since this country gives or has the best and suitable climatic conditions for growing coffee trees. There are different varietiesof these trees being grown and cultivated there and eachone has a unique flavor and market. The subtle difference is of course as said above the flavorand the taste and there is a hugefan followingfor almost all these types. Some of the popular South America coffee is;Dark mountain coffeePure Arabica espressoBravissimo espressoCafé RicoespressoTurkish coffeeGreek coffeeCanterbury espresso This is just a gist from the huge list of coffee types and varieties offered by the country of South America and you need to be there personally to personally experienceand taste their varied cultivationand the secrets of tastes and flavors offered by them.

Tea Or Coffee

Similarly tea also has a huge variety and types and in fact, when compared to coffee, this proves to be a better choice when comes to health benefits. Apart from the different flavors and aroma of the different types, each one has something unique inthem to add up to and enhance the healthy living of a person. We have natural tea, ginger tea, spices tea, green tea and the normal, usual, simple tea. Now each one has a health secret in them and prolonged use or consumption of a particulartype of tea would definitely help

a person fight back the probable health problemsin him. Green tea is considered one best option for naturally fighting back obesity; they improve the metabolic activities and also come with anti-aging qualities. The business and demand for this type of tea arenow on the rise because we have more numbersof obesityand weight gain cases in this present day, modern, fast-moving, fast-food world. But remember you will get to enjoy all these benefits to the fullest

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