About Us

Coffee and tea plantation is a business that never fades or dies until the taste buds of people become obsessed with the different flavors. And we take to revive their interests and anxiety by bringing in all new and unique tastes and flavors and offer them to our customers to excite their tongues and taste buds.

We have some of the super collections with us that wouldkeep you with the coffee taste and flavor throughout the day putting your excitement and habit of having coffee one other time the same day.We understand that coffee has to be consumed in limited quantities and for this,we had to undergo a research for a prolonged periodof time, work out many combinations and permutations to come out with this variety of ever-lasting, tasty coffee. It is justnot coffee that you will find with us but also the different varieties of tea. Yes, we are known in the market for the availability of some unique flavors and tastes of tea which can be found nowhere but with us.

We try to bring in the different flavors from various countries and make our shop a single store for a tour around the world for this aromatic beverage. Tea is generallyliked by all and when there is something new offered, there is a hugedemand atleast to have a taste and feel of it and this youcan experience withusfor every now and then we try to bring in the new flavors and the mixed flavors and make your frequent visit to our shopfloora worthy one. We are very affirmative that none of our customers go back home empty-handed but we make them pick one or the other from our shelves and you will become one among this lot very soon.

Tea Or Coffee

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  • phone : 914-213-3314
  • email : info@stevenmtaylor.co.uk
  • Address : 2756 Lake Forest Drive, La Grange (Dutchess), NY 12540